Basis of Faith

God is one and there is no other, existing in three equal persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things; all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving; governing all things at all times and providing salvation to all who repent and believe.


The Holy Bible as originally given is inspired by God through His Spirit. It contains no mistakes and is the ultimate authority in all matters of faith and practice. Its main purpose is to direct people to Jesus, who is the Word of God.


Humans were created in God’s image and are all equally valuable. They were given creation to enjoy and rule over. Through choosing to rebel against God’s command they became sinful in nature, guilty before God and under His just condemnation. All people have inherited this sinful nature from birth and continue to rebel against God throughout life.


Jesus is the eternal Son of God and the chosen Messiah, born of a virgin, sinless in life, fully God and fully man. His teachings are perfect and have complete authority. His death brings forgiveness as a substitution for our punishment and His resurrection brings victory over death. He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father.


Salvation comes from God alone and cannot be obtained through our works. We are saved by grace alone, by the death and resurrection of Jesus through repentance and faith alone, which brings us complete forgiveness, power over sin and death, and the promise of eternal life with God in His kingdom. The church is called to share this good news with the world.


The Holy Spirit is sent from the Father and the Son, being fully God, and essential to bring spiritual understanding, conviction, faith and new birth. He empowers us to overcome sin and equips the church to become spiritually mature.


The Church worldwide is the people of God, saved through the work of Jesus and united through the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is its head and the ultimate authority.


Jesus will return to judge the world. The dead will be raised, and all people will be separated either to eternal life through the saving work of Jesus or to eternal death as the just punishment for their sin.


The Church constitution outlines our basic beliefs and governing practices within the church

NEFC Constitution
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